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We are fortunate to be able to harvest and distribute healthy food straight from the pantry of Mother Earth. And we do this, not only for the good taste, but for our health and for the sake of a better planet. Therefore, it would be complete and utter madness not to care for the planet that feeds us. We want to contribute, and we constantly find new ways to do it. Whether it’s through collaborations, campaigns, innovations or us attending an event or fair, we will always spill the beans for you! Keep up to date on what’s going on below.

Operation Smile

Our organic bananas come from South America, where Operation Smile has several clinics and performs daily cleft lip, jaw and palate surgeries. A surgery takes less than an hour and will result in even more smiling children – and your choice makes a difference. For every container of organic bananas sold, we contribute to a child's smile. We are turning our banana supply chain into a cycle. It's our way of giving back.

Every banana counts
Close up of blue/purple salad

Plant for Life

Plant for Life is an initiative of Daily Greens in Spain where we plant a tree for every ton of fruits and vegetables that is produced. The donation goes to the Plant-for-the-Planet foundation which plants and care for the trees.

Two people planting a tree