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Do you have a question regarding our manifesto or our ways of growing, harvesting or distributing? Have you ever wondered about our supply chain, about what’s best between organic or in season? Got a question about water? About our product range? Okay, you get it. You can probably find all the answers here and, if you by chance can’t – than you are more that welcome to send us your question so we can answer it and add it to our library of fantastic information!

Corn asking "Whats poppin'?"

Our Business

Do you have inspiring recipes for vegetarian food?

We will develop our website and social media with tips and recipes in the future. Feel free to follow us on Facebook or Instagram and we will bring you inspiring recipes in the future.

Who is behind Daily Greens?

We are a part of a group called Greenfood which is located around Europe with a Swedish headquarter. Our goal is for people to be able to eat more fruit and vegetables as well as convenience products for a healthier everyday life.


How is you view sustainability when it comes to plastic?

We are constantly working to review how we can reduce the use of plastic in the products. However, you should know that the plastic protects the fruit and vegetables and is needed on certain products in order for them to maintain good quality. But we work with alternative packaging all the time. We joined Bower recycling, for example. With the Bower app you can earn money by sorting and recycling every packaging that has an EAN barcode. You simply scan the barcode or QR code on the packaging before placing it in the recycling bin and receives points that can be turned into money to shop for or donate to charity.


Is it possible to join and support Operation Smile in some other way than buying your bananas?

Yes! You can use the QR-code on our organic bananas and that will lead you directly to Operation Smile's website. There you can read more about our collaboration and how you can support the children by giving monthly donations.

Could you please elaborate what Plant for Life is all about?

Plant for Life means that for every ton of fruits and vegetables that is produced and sold from Spain out into the European market, we give a donation to the Plant-for-the-Planet foundation. This is the foundation that plant and care for the trees.