Resources to profit from

We want to keep on growing with sustainability as the foundation of what we do. That’s why we look at every step of our work from an environmental, social and economic sustainability perspective. Without a profitable business, we can’t create more sustainable production methods or contribute to safe and decent working conditions, and we can’t grow our business either.

Science Based Targets initiative

We took some giant steps forward in 2021 when it comes to driving our sustainability work forward. We have set clear corporate-wide goals for all eight focus areas. The goals help clarify where we should be putting our resources. They also give our companies clear guidelines when it comes to what to prioritise. We’re working together to reach common goals and contributing in this way to a better world, in a more effective manner.

To meet the climate crisis, everyone needs to take tough measures and set ambitious climate targets at all levels right across the business world. That’s why we’ve signed up to the Science Based Targets initiative. This strengthens our sustainability work and clarifies our journey to more sustainable operations, whilst at the same time helping us set climate targets in line with what scientists say is required to reach the 1.5-degree target.

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