Our story began over 70 years ago, right in the heart of Murcia’s fertile La Huerta region.

Belsan is the fruit of our grandfather Pacos’ effort, a true entrepreneur who manage to make farming his livelihood. He devoted his entire life to lemon farming.

Belsan DG

The leading exporter of citrus fruits to over 40 countries.

Enthusiasm, sacrifice, and strong determination to face new challenges is the legacy we have been entrusted with today. A beautiful legacy that Jose Maria and Fran have manged to maintain, thus turning Belsan into a great family business, that is now the leading exporter of citrus fruits to over 40 countries.

But not only lemons are what makes the company great, it is also the teamwork, the role played by each and every one of them, from those who pick the product, and carefully handle it until it is delivered to the consumer’s table.


Firm commitment to sustainability.

Beyond the production activity, something that characterizes us is the firm commitment to sustainability and the latest advances in technology that allow Belsan to bring the best quality of each of our products onto the market. All this innovation, always committed to the land, is simply the reflection of the philosophy we have been implementing in our family business for years.

Maria’s spirit of constant improvement, Tere’s tenacity, Vicente’s vitality, Jose Maria and Fran’s continuous effort, are all key parts of the engine that drives our company’s commitment to keep the Belsan essence alive.