Maria at El Dulze, Murcia: - It is a world I am passionate about and love.

My name is Maria. I am an agricultural engineer at El Dulze in Murcia, Spain. And right now I work in the production of vegetables. I decided to work in the field, in agriculture, because I am the daughter of farmers and it is a world I am passionate about and love, and I knew that this was my thing to work with.

El Dulze

I am proud over my work.

What I do as soon as I get up and when I get to El Dulze I follow up. Always looking for the best quality products and always trying to be the best at what we do.

The truth is that I feel very proud that the products that I have seen born and grow through our sweat and effort. Our products has first-class quality that many people can enjoy. All this gives me life and makes me proud of my work.