Since we grow and harvest around the world, the manufacturing practices, storage and logistics are constantly in the loop of improvement. Also, when it comes to handling, the social responsibility of the people working along the value chain, is always top of mind. Therefore, as a member of Amfori-BSCI, we expect the producers to follow our code of conduct. To refine the handling and transportation of our fruits and vegetables is beyond important, but to care for our people is invaluable.

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For us it is important that the people working along the value chain, especially in the production, are respected and receive a fair treatment. As a member of Amfori-BSCI, we expect the producers to follow our code of conduct, where we insist that the rights of the workers are to be respected, and thus, regardless of their ethnic origin, nationality, religion, or sexual orientation.

Furthermore, we specifically expect the following aspects to be taken into consideration, regarding the employment and labour conditions:

  • Respect of the National labour Regulation
  • Working hours
  • Minimum wage
  • Contracts
  • Gender equality
  • Working conditions
  • Possible Zero Tolerance Situations such as:
    • Child Labour
    • Bonded Labour
    • Inhumane Treatment
    • Occupational Health and Safety
    • Unethical Behaviour

Throughout the product handling processes, we commit to implement and maintain the food safety management system.

The correct handling is assured following the minimum requirements as:

  • Good manufacturing practices
  • Hazard analysis and preventing controls
  • Traceability and Segregation
  • Company Policy
  • Responsibilities
  • Internal and Supplier Audit
  • Risk assessment for food defense
  • Implementing a food fraud mitigation plan