The seed. One of the greatest symbols of change we have. It is the buried underdog breaking through both dirt and concrete against all odds, thanks to its determination and hidden powers. It is quite an interesting journey for us, to choose the best seeds. You see, it all starts with this one person finding the best quality seeds possible…

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Sustainable seed is seed that was gathered from organic and non-genetically modified plants. When you grow a plant from sustainable seed, it will pollinate and continue to grow fertile seed that is capable of being replanted and further grow more plants for the next growing season.

The correct choice of propagation material plays an important role in the production process, e.g., using a suited variety for a specific production area, can help to reduce the number of fertilizer and pesticide applications and increase the yield and the final quality of the raw material.

Control points and evidence required to producers:

  • Evidence that the PM has been obtained in compliance with variety registration laws

  • Are plant health quality control systems operational for in-house nursery propagation

  • Evidence that the purchased propagation material (seed, rootstocks, seedlings, plantlets, cuttings) is accompanied by information of chemical treatments done by the supplier

  • Evidence of the plant protection product treatments records for in-house nursery propagation materials applied during the plant propagation period.

  • Evidence that the PM used is not genetically modified.