To ensure that the future generations may enjoy tasty and natural fruits and vegetables grown in the field, it is very important to take care of the soil. Whether it’s a question about crop planning, soil condition, soil preparation or anything in between, we are there to investigate, collect samples, analyse and evaluate. We know the importance of a well-tended foundation, and this is the very thing that makes the difference. The perfect conditions are worth searching for and, most importantly, worth working for.

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As well as helping to supply clean water, prevent desertification and provide resilience to flood and drought, soil mitigates climate change through carbon sequestration and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. To maintain a proper productivity and profitability of the farm with a view of a sustainable develop approach against the climate change, it's a key to guarantee an optimisation of long-term soil fertility, stimulating soil resilience.

Control points and evidence required to producers:

  • Crop rotation
  • Organic matter balance
  • Soil analysis 
  • Manure/Compost use
  • Crop/processing residues
  • Prevention of soil erosion plan and action as:
    • use of cover crops on bare land
    • mulches
    • re-vegetation of steep areas
    • contours are followed during operations for soil preparation
    • minimum tillage
    • terracing
    • infiltration strips
    • placing wind breaks (trees and bushes on borders of sites)